SEO co-citation Technique

Search Engine Optimization is the technique that is used to improve the ranking on google and other searching tools.

You must be updated with upcoming SEO technique here we are explaining about Co-citation this is the

Many webmaster thinks only inbound links are great source of traffic but outbound links are also so important in link juice equation.

Co-citation can be referred as the future of Google search and search enquiries. It is used to subordinate two sites altogether; co-citation happens   when website A links to websites B and C.  There are lot of assumptions that co-citation is the only way to rank your search keywords on Google’s top SERP (Search engine result page) but to be straightforward I don’t think so. What you guys have to say about this?

The term co-citation is like a boon for SEO. It helps to strengthen your Search engine placement and ranking, making your traffic more targeted one.

Analyse graph & image to clear the concept of Co-citation


Website A Links To —> Website C

Website A Links To —> Website B


Website C’s authority is a benefit to Website B

Website “A ” post a link to Website “B” and “C” although there is no connection between Website “B” and “C”, the transitive principle of SEO Co-citation suggests that Website B will gain a benefit simply because Website A links to both.